Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulations to all the runners who made it to the top of Caballo peak! I tried my very best to get a picture of each of you to commemorate this achievement.

Below is a slideshow of all the pictures at the summit in order of arrival; when your picture comes up, click on it to go to the web album where you can download the full-sized version. You may also choose to download your picture by going directly to the web album and finding it there.

If you would like me to edit your photo (crop, enhance the colors, make any distracting elements disappear, etc.), email me with either the link to your photo from the web album or the tag number for your photo, which is listed in the right hand sidebar on the photo page in the album, just above the map (note: this is not your bib number).

Once again, congratulations, runners!